Juvenile Law


In Arizona, a juvenile can be charged similarly to an adult with either felony or misdemeanor offenses, a juvenile defense is very similar to an adult defense. If your child is facing criminal charges, you need an experienced juvenile defense attorney to help your child through the process. Depending upon your child's age and severity of crime, it is also possible that charges could be filed against your child in adult court. 

Your child deserves the very best legal representation to protect their rights and mitigate negative outcomes of a criminal charge. Donielle vast experience handling criminal charges filed on minors. Don't be fooled into thinking that because your child is under 18 nothing bad will happen---that is false! There are very serious consequences resulting from a juvenile conviction including being sentenced to serve a term of incarceration in the Arizona Department of Corrections or the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections. Your child could be ordered to serve time in a regional detention facility (similar to county jail), fines, fees and restitution that, as a parent you would be expected to pay. Your child could be ordered to perform community service and could be placed on supervised probation.  

Talk to a seasoned, compassionate juvenile law attorney about protecting your child's legal rights and future.


If your family is involved with DCS/CPS, you need an attorney to safeguard your rights and to ensure that you and your child can be reunited as quickly as possible. 

Donielle will sit down with you and explain the law, your rights, and the process once the State of Arizona has initiated dependency proceedings against your family. This is a very serious situation and could ultimately result in the temporary or permanent loss of your rights to your child. The State has a great deal of power and the burden of proof in these types of cases is unfortunately much lower than a criminal case. The good news is that the State also has legal obligations to your family once it has intervened. You need a knowledgeable attorney to help you fight for your child.