Criminal defense throughout Arizona

Felony Defense

Facing felony charges? Just the allegation of a felony offense can affect your freedom, reputation, job, and family life. Donielle has the right combination of experience, integrity and dedication to help you obtain the best outcome in your felony case. Donielle will be there every step of the way to fight for your rights! Donielle can represent you in all Arizona state courts and in the Federal Court in Arizona.

Misdemeanor Defense

A misdemeanor charge can have serious consequences for your future. A misdemeanor conviction could affect your job, your family relationships and even your Second Amendment rights! You need a knowledgeable legal advocate to minimize the potential of negative effects. Donielle is an aggressive advocate and will provide the very best criminal defense in Tucson or surrounding areas.

Juvenile Delinquency Representation

If your child has been charged with a criminal offense, your child has rights that must be protected.  Serious, life altering consequences can result that could affect your child's opportunities for schooling, including college, military, employment, etc.Donielle has years of experience handling juvenile delinquency cases and will vigorously defend all your child's rights. 

Traffic Violations

Many people mistakenly believe that being charged with a traffic violation is no big deal---Wrong! Traffic tickets often cause major headaches and have significant ramifications for your daily life. A traffic violation handled improperly can result in a suspended driver's license, multiple and expensive fines and fees. It can seriously impact your job and result in financial hardship. Donielle can explain all your options for handling a traffic ticket.

Probation Violations

A probation violation is a serious matter. If the government proves that a violation of probation has happened, the result could be prison, jail, the addition of classes or tasks and a more intensive level of supervision. Donielle will guide you through the violation proceedings and will work hard to get you the very best outcome.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence in Arizona is an allegation that can be added to a variety of crimes, such as: Assault, Criminal Damage, Kidnapping, Homicide, Sex Crimes, Disorderly Conduct, Harassment, etc. The addition of the domestic violence allegation will result in greater exposure to statutory penalties upon conviction for either a misdemeanor or felony DV offense. The conviction of numerous DV offenses within a certain time frame can be charged as felony Aggravated Domestic Violence. 

If you have been charged with a crime with a Domestic Violence allegation, you need the expertise of an attorney with many years of experience handling domestic violence cases. Donielle has handled hundreds of DV cases and she will sit down with you and explain all your options for a successful outcome.

Donielle will defend you against

Assault/Aggravated Assault, ARS 13-1203-1204

Endangerment, ARS 13-1201

Threatening/Intimidating, ARS 13-1202

Kidnapping, Unlawful Imprisonment, Custodial Interference, ARS 13-1302-1305

Criminal Trepass/Burglary, ARS 13-1502-1508

Arson, ARS 13-1702-1708

Theft, ARS 13-1802-1807

Robbery, ARS 13-1902-1904

Forgery, ARS 13-2002-2011

Credit Card Fraud, ARS 13-2102-2110

Organized Crime/Fraud, ARS 13-2302-2323

Obstruction, ARS 13-2402-2412

Escape/Failure to Appear, ARS 13-2502-2514

Bribery, ARS 13-2602-2606

Perjury, ARS 13-2702-2705

Interfering with Judicial and Official Proceedings, ARS 13-2802-2814

Disorderly Conduct & Related Offenses, ARS 13-2902-2930

Eavesdropping and Communications ARS 13-3002-3019

Weapons and Explosives, ARS 13-3102-3121

Prostitution, ARS 13-3202-3214

Gambling, ARS 13-3302-3312

Drug Offenses, 13-3402-3421

Family Offenses, ARS 13-3601-3625